About Us

For the past few years I have been sewing my products for our local Guinea Pig Refuge. They regularly have had requests from people who would like to buy these products but just live too far away or cannot get to the refuges open days.  This is why I have started up Grinny Pigs Homemade Accessories, so every one can pamper their Guinea Pigs with comfortable and fashionable accessories.

I will continue to provide my local refuge with these items to sell but for those of you who cannot get there but would like to help them,  I have set up on the "Check Out" page a place for you to choose a refuge of your choice that I will donate 10% of your purchase to. As fund raising is the only way to keep these very important refuges going so that all Guinea Pigs may one day find their forever home please complete when you when you place your order. Please visit my Facebook page and share will all your friends.